Sonde - General

In Storage > File format, select Standard or Topkapi,  data will be recorded in the memory in Modbus mode.

In Storage > File format, select None (Modbus Only), data will not be recorded in the memory in Modbus mode.


In Available parameters > sensor you do not want to record > Recording format > Not recorded

Following sensors have 2 seconds minimum measurement period:

  • Turbidity nke
  • Fluo Turner Chla
  • Fluo Turner Phycocyanin
  • Fluo Turner Phycoerythrin
  • Fluo Turner CDOM
  • Fluo Turner Tryptophan
  • Fluo nke Chla
  • Fluo nke Phycocyanin
  • Fluo nke Phycoerythrin
  • Fluo nke CDOM
  • Fluo nke Tryptophan

Following sensors have 5 seconds minimum measurement period:

  • Oxygen nke

There is no problem, WiMo sonde uses some memory space for its functionality.

You are able to hang the sonde by the handle. However, the handle is made of aluminum, so it is forbidden to fix a steel cable directly on the loop, otherwise it will cause electrolysis which will destroy the loop and the screws holding it in place.

To suspend the sonde, you must use either a rope or an insulated cable or a plastic piece to be placed between the loop and the cable.

It is difficult to give a value for the power consumption of WiMo sonde because it depends on several factors such as the number of sensors connected, the acquisition frequency, and so on. However, to design a system using the WiMo, a maximum power consumption of 2.5W should be considered.

Sonde - Calculated parameters

Required parameters for salinity calculation:

– Pressure (static or Keller)

– Temperature (CT)

– Conductivity (CT)

Required parameters for sound velocity calculation:

– Pressure (static or Keller)

– Temperature (CT)

– Conductivity (CT)

– Salinity

Required parameters for conductivity 25 calculation:

– Temperature (CT)

– Conductivity (CT)

Required parameters for total dissolved solid calculation:

– Temperature CT

– Conductivity CT

– Conductivity 25

Required parameters for chloride calculation:

– Pressure static ou keller

– Temperature CT

– Conductivity CT

– Salinity

Required parameter for depth calculation:

– Pressure (Keller)

Required parameter for Fluo-Chla mg/L calculation:

– Fluo-Chla

Sonde - Sensor

Please contact nke after sales service, your WiMo sonde needs an update to work with your sensor.

When you order an ISE or ORP sensor you must order with a longer protection cap sold as an accessory. Indeed, the standard protection cap is not adapted anymore for these sensors.

Pressure measurement is sensitive to different parameters like atmospheric pressure and so on. If you want to have a relative zero value before immerse the WiMo proceed as follow

Connect to the device and go on “Live view”

Check the pressure reading (here 0.184 dbar = 18.4 mbar)

Go back to the dashboard . Select the pressure sensor and go to “pressure reference”.

Add the recorded value (18.4mbar) to the previous value (1018mbar)

Check the pressure reading


Please try to unplug your sensor for 10 seconds before plugging it back in.

Any other questions ?

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